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Hot Honey Lemon and Ginger

Posted in Bauturi by Rei on ianuarie 19, 2010

Liverpool Nostalgia. The Tea Gather, a small Chinese restaurant where I used to have lunch with some of my friends from the University… they were serving this drink called Hot Honey Lemon and Ginger. I thought I’d try it.

For 1 glass of this drink I used: the juice from 1 lemon, a bit of grated ginger, 2 or 3 generous spoons of honey. Mix this together and pour hot water.

Done!! Perfect for cold winter nights. Serve it with love!


Smoothie de pepene

Posted in Bauturi by Highway on august 10, 2009

suc_de_pepene (more…)

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Suc din vişine

Posted in Bauturi by Highway on iulie 4, 2009
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